Website updates and maintenance

Netwood - Website Updates and MaintenanceThe world and technology are constantly changing. Your business can not be stagnant. You have heard from business professionals and internet gurus, and they agree – keeping your website fresh with up-to-date content is a to increase traffic and conversion. Why is it important? Because it can unlock your websites hidden potential. A regularly updated and optimized website allows for growth, it gives the search engines new content to find and it gives customers a reason to return.
Most business owners do not have the technical knowledge to do it themselves. We can help you with all your content changes, updates and additions. Helping you edge out the competition! Does the below apply to you:

  • Has your web designer left town?
  • Having trouble finding a reliable, responsive web person?
  • Not having updates made to your website in a timely manner?
  • Does your web designer fix one thing and break another?
  • They tell you it’s finished, but it isn't?
  • Are you tired of hearing your site needs fancy graphics and Flash upgrades to be an effective marketing tool?

We are swift and accurate

Turnaround time – 3 days or less. If additional time is needed, you will be notified. Time sensitive material can be expedited for an additional charge.

Pay as you go or maintenance plans

Web site maintenance and updates are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no contracts, only reliable and affordable service executed in a timely manner. We charge $65 per hour and bill in increments of 15 minutes.

For clients requiring ongoing support we offer monthly service/retainer plans.
2 hrs/mo: $45/hr = $90/Mo.
4 hrs/mo: $40/hr = $160/Mo.
8 hrs/mo: $30/hr = $240/Mo.

To request support or an estimate, please send us your requirement to or call us at 310-442-1530.